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Coccinelle Magie Snowflakes Woven Mini Shoulder Bag


The Coccinelle Magie line of bags showcases a feminine aesthetic with a particular attention to detail and contemporary appeal. The silhouette is sinuous and rounded, and each model is also embellished with a turn lock closure, an iconic Coccinelle detail given a modern twist. This model is made of fabric obtained from bouclé yarn weaves, characterised by loops or knots, inserted in the yarn, which create a rich, unique texture.

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  • For carrying in the hand or across the body
  • Laminated bouclé fabric
  • Turn lock closure
  • Leather shoulder strap detachable and adjustable using carabiner hooks
  • Handle for carrying in the hand
  • In order to best preserve this product, it is advisable to be careful about using overly aggressive detergents or sanitising gels that could ruin the accessories with which they come into direct contact
  • Dimensions: 22x14x4 cm – 800 g

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